So, my name is Amy Jane Carpenter, I'm 17 years old, and basically, i have always wanted to write. but not just about anything. Just general life stuff and personal experiences (from funny to stupid). There is not a lot of history towards my life, however i want to share it with the world (sounds cringe) and see if anyone can relate or even just get a laugh out of it. So, if you're reading this. Then WELCOME and hope you enjoy reading my other blog posts in the near future.


Idk why i have this urge to write about things, its not something that i ever thought i would enjoy doing, but here i am. But the thing to remember is that essay writing  is not the one. (someone please do them for me - cheers). The joy and Adrenalin i get out of writing things like this makes me think more clearly and gives me the sense that I'm not the only teenager that experiences thoughts like mine. Obviously, all opinions are my own and i don't intend to offend anyone with my views upon things. I'm making this blog sound as though its all about my own opinions...coz it really isn't, i swear. So, also expect to see my opinions upon makeup/lifestyle things coz its another thing that i have a strong passion for and want to be able to let as many people know about the best products and cosmetics out there!

You can probs tell from just reading this that my blog is very random, so definitely don't expect to see all same sort of content. But anyways, Enjoy                                                  reading!  XOXO