5 MUST HAVE Products to Achieve the Perfect 'No-makeup' Makeup Look!

5 MUST HAVE Products to Achieve the Perfect 'No-makeup' Makeup Look!

I'm going to begin this blog post by saying: No body needs makeup to make them look perfect, coz everyone is perfect in there own way. Makeup is either a life saver for some and maybe not for others. Makeup for me is a way of expressing my creativity and love for beauty, but also to cover my insecurities that I'm not happy about. Some of you reading this may relate, as being a teenager/young adult could mean acne, scarring, blemishes and redness. As i said before not all people our age suffer from acne but my heart goes out to those that do suffer from it! Coz i feel your pain! <3

But, onto the main topic of this post! the '5 MUST HAVES' for the most angelic and natural 'no-makeup' makeup look! If you click on each individual photo in this post it will direct you to a page (probs Superdrug) to where you can buy the product! 

Number #1

The first product that i would highly recommend before you start applying any of your makeup is for those of you that suffer from combination skin (oily t-zone and the remaining dry). Is the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water (gawd that was a mouthful). This product for me has worked miracles! As it seems to absore any oils that are clogged up on your skin but at the same time, it doesn't make your skin go all dry and feel tight.

It also claims what it does on the packaging. It defo DOES remove any remaining makeup and unwanted dirt so if you get home late from somewhere, its just a quick wipe round then your good to go! This product also is a great based to start with if you are about to apply any makeup, as it leaves your skin feeling smooth and in my experience, provides a tiny, tiny stickiness which allows any makeup to stay upon your face longer!  

Number #2

The second product i would recommend to literally anyone! And probs most people would is the classic...Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer! This product literally does everything that it states in the products name. It covers everything, it leaves a really nice natural finish, it is SOO easily blendable and most likely works on any skin tone! Although if you do have oily skin I would recommend you do use powder with this product :). I believe that i have owned around 7 to 8 of this amazing product and i would never leave the house without it on. If you are someone that is looking for an amazing concealer that lasts all day and covers well then honestly, go and buy this right now coz it only retails at £4.19!! 

Number #3

This third product is also i pretty well-known one too! But i thought i would join in on the band wagon and rant to you all about how truly amazing it is! Presenting the.....Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in 001 Translucent! This product is suitable for anyone, if your looking for a less matte and more dewy look just use a brush, tap off excess and apply to your t-zone. But, if your looking for more coverage and want to have that perfect mattefied look then just use a beauty blender or thicker density brush to apply. As this is probs one of the most popular drugstore powders out there, I'm not going to go on about it too much coz there is probs way more amazing reviews upon this product that I'm sure you could look up easily! 

Number #4

The fourth product i would TOTALLY recommend for getting the perfect 'no-makeup' makeup look, is the Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzing Powder. I believe there is only one colour of this product, but it totally works on every skin tone! I've tested this product out on a few of my friends and its easily buildable and blends like a dream. You can go all in for that summery look and look like a bronze goddess or you can give yourself that perfect summer blush that looks as though you've got a bit of a tan going on (coz who doesn't want that?!).

I don't feel as though this product gets enough attention purely because of what the brand it is (Revolution) which may put some people off, but i say that this product is probs the perfect dupe for the Benefit Hola Bronzer! Although, if your on a budget and want to get the most perfect bronzer then i would defo recommend this one!

Number #5

And finally the product that i rely on if I'm looking for my eyelashes to look natural and long and beautiful. I give you...Is the classic Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara! This mascara has its ups and downs but MAINLY UPS for me personally. This mascara for me has been life saving, whenever i just can not be before to wearing waterproof mascara I'll just shove a bit of this on me lashes and VOILA! I will look like a completely different person.


I will say though, is that this product has changed its formula and packaging multiple times so the one that you buy (if you do buy it that is, lel) may be completely different to mine, so just a little heads up for you all. it also gives you the choice of diciding whether you want a lot of volume and less. As you can see in the photo, there is a turny thingy that you can turn (noooo really amy?) to choose which volume you want! How cool is that!? 

I would not recommend this product to anyone that wants full on lashes all of the time though as it is very much natural and gives off a more flutterly look! Although i would highly recommend using this product with false eyelashes as it seems to give off such a fluttery and pretty eye look :). Ooh! One more thing about this product is please don't be put off by the fact that its £19.00 coz honestly it is worth it for those of you that want a more natural and less clumpy mascara. 

So they were all my TOP 5 PRODUCTS to achieving the most beautiful 'no-makeup' makeup look! These products i literally rely on everyday! For school, work, going out for dinner, literally these products could work for all occasions! I think i only owe it to you guys to show you what these products are like on. So i plucked up the courage to take a few photos of me with ONLY the use of the 5 products that i have mentioned in this post :) Please ignore the fact that my skin is very textured and have the biggest pores ever, as the products have literally covered the worst of it all! Which is saying something! 

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