5 Simple Steps to getting a Stunning Cut-Crease Eye Shadow Look

5 Simple Steps to getting a Stunning Cut-Crease Eye Shadow Look

Hello everyone! So I'm back, alive and well, and today I am feeling inspired to do more eye shadow based things, as i feel as though eye shadow isn't something that everyone wears/some of us don't exactly know how to make it look decent enough to wear out! But that is exactly why i am writing this blog post! 

For those of you who are just starting out in wearing eye shadow (I've only recently started to wear eye shadow on a daily bases) I'm hear to tell you that, as hard as a 'Cut-Crease' eye shadow look sounds...It honestly is not difficult at all! I have been swearing by a different coloured cut-crease look for the past week and eventually i found my own little way of doing it, so i thought i would share my 5 simple steps to getting a stunning cut-crease eye shadow look with you!

#Step 1 - Priming

When you are creating ANY eye shadow look a primer of some sort is essential. Whether you are just using your average concealer (i would recommend the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - check out my latest Beauty Blog Post for more info on that product ;)) or an actual eye shadow base primer (they both work the same in my opinion). Most of you beauty lovers are most likely know this step already, but for those of you who are not aware of this. The primer gives the eye shadow something to cling on to which makes it stay on your eyes almost all day!

This way you won't have to worry about it coming off half way through the day! A decent eye shadow primer will almost make the eye shadow that you apply over the top, more pigmented as it will activate the colour and really make it stand out. Also, another little piece of advice is that: If you are creating a cut-crease look, then its probably going to require more than one eye shadow colour so you definitely want to make sure that you are priming before hand to keep that shadow on your eyelids. (Sorry for those of you that already know this.) 

#Step 2 - Apply a matte, light coloured Based Colour


The lighter your eye shadow base colour is the easier it will be to blend in with darker colours. For example, if you were using a light, pastel pink base shade, then blending it out with a dark pink shade, it would create the perfect ombre effect and will give you the perfect start to creating a stunning cut-crease look. I would also recommend to anyone starting out in eye shadow that you stick to lighter colours first just so you can get the hang on blending and how much product you may need for certain eye shadow looks, the lighter the look, the safer you're gunna be basically.  So with the pastel pink and the darker pink you would have created an ombre effect which will also stand out once you reach the end of this process due to the next step that we are about to take ;) 


#Step 3 - Applying the Concealer

For those of you that have attempted a cut crease look before, you may just think that using a bright, pigmented white eye shadow will do the trick to cut that crease. This is probably the easy option, however, i have tried this before and the white eye shadow ended up being blended into the base colour, and just looked like a bit of a mess...This is exactly why i recommend using a concealer over the top of your base shadow. You would do this by following the natural crease in your eyelid, from the inner corner of your eye going up and following the eyelid crease till you get around 3 quarters round of your eye.


Make sure that you fill this space in with the concealer, but i don't recommend using the actual concealer wand to apply it, What works for me is: I use a small/flat head eye shadow brush to blend out the concealer from the blob that you you would have put in the centre of your eyelid, whilst making sure that you don't go over the edges of the line you created on your eye lid crease. 

#Step 4 - Use a glittery shadow over the top of the concealer

Using a glittery eye shadow over the top of the concealer won't only make it stand out more as the shadow will be activated by the concealer, but will also make your eyes appear larger and brighter due to the pink matte eye shadow base that is underneath. The light glitter shade will also add more dimension to your eyes which will also make them appear larger. In my opinion, having larger eyes will probably make a cut-crease look easier for you, however having smaller eyes doesn't make it a lot more difficult, as all you would have to do is bring the concealer higher up on your eyelids :). If anything, if your the sort of person who craves having bigger eyes then a cut-crease is definitely something i recommend you doing! The glitter shade will help also  help to create the illusion of bigger eyes, so its a win, win, because who doesn't love glitter? 


#Step 5 - My Secret to a Stunning Cut-Crease

This final step is my little secret to really making that cut crease stand out and to NOT make it look as though its blended into your base colour. And that secret is...go in with a white pencil eyeliner right where the cut-crease line is, once you have applied that white line, make sure to blend it out a little to make sure there are no harsh lines. This step won't only create that gorgeous bit a white to your eye, but it will also make the base colour underneath stand out as it won't be directly next to the colour on top of the concealer ;). This trick really works for me and i found that with the right eye pencil i was able to do it and pull it off. The white eye pencil i would recommend using to do this is the Rimmel London Soft Cole liner in 071 Pure White.  

I really hope that these 5 simple steps helped some of you, especially if you were wondering how people do them so perfectly ;). I hope the photos in this blog post have also helped too, as it kind of explains a in a bit more detail as too what i mean (as i know that i can ramble on some times, woops). I actually really enjoyed creating this post so if you would like to see more posts like this then please let me know in the comments! <3 Again, I am so grateful for all of you that have taken the time to read this! It honestly means the world to me! 

The Products I used to create this look And links to buy them :P

I <3 Makeup (By Revolution) Chocolate Rose Gold Palette in the colours: Not Yours, Uh-Oh, Girl Boss and Back Up

Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 in the colour: The Lightest Pink colour in the Palette (Doesn't have a name) - no longer being continued 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Number 1 Fair 

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