How to Achieve a GOOD Makeup Base for Problem and Acne Prone Skin

How to Achieve a GOOD Makeup Base for Problem and Acne Prone Skin

Hello Everybody! Its that time of the week again where i sit here and write up a blog post, gawd i make it sound as if i don't like doing this! Of course i do! I love blogging and always will. Anyway...I hope you are feeling optimistic enough to believe my advice, because believe it or not, having problem skin is certainly not the end of the world, which is why i am here to tell you how to achieve a GOOD and reliable makeup look for problem and acne pron skin.


Before starting to apply any kind of makeup i will ALWAYS apply a moisturiser before my foundation to act as a primer. This step i would recommend you doing if you suffer from dry and acne pron skin. The moisturiser underneath the foundation will give off a dewy glow and make your base have a natural shine (I live for that even a word?). 


another tip i would also HIGHLY RECOMMEND is to make sure that you are blending your foundation in with a damp beauty blender and NOT a brush. Sometimes a brush can leave streaky marks if the foundation you use is not liquidy/moisturising enough. The dampness of the beauty blender will also make sure that the skin is a more even texture as you would be pushing the product into your face rather than stroking it on with a brush. 


If your aim is too have more coverage to REALLY cover up any skin insecurities then i would recommend putting concealer over any areas that you feel needs it and obviously the high points of your face to create more dimension. Then, leave the concealer there for around a minute to let it set into the skin. Once a minute has passed blend in the concealer using a beauty blender and your spots will be GONE. Trust me, I've used this technique so many times and its honestly works. Although i will say that if you leave it non-blended for too long then it will become difficult to blend and may cause the foundation underneath to come off.

The fact the the foundation is dewy and not matte will reduce the appearance of your acne/spots (this is what i have found has worked for me) as i find that sometimes a more matte base can really make your acne show through your foundation if you are not using the right powder for your skin. Also, someone (like me) that suffers from having rather big pores means that powder can absorb itself into the pores and therefore cause them to clog up which will likely cause more spots (this is an everyday struggle for me, sadly). 


I would recommend using a loose setting powder that is SUPER FINE. The finer the powder is, the less likely it is to clog up pores. A fine powder will also give off a more dewy finish as its finer (duhh, lol). I find that thicker loose powders will give off a very matte finish and therefore make my pores/all the other problem stuff show up more, however this may not be the case for everyone. The powder that i have used is the MUA Makeup Academy Ultra-fine Loose Setting Powder in Mattifying Translucent. This step will certainly matte-fie your look to begin with but stay tuned to find out how to get that dewy look back!


I then would use a light bronzer to make sure I don't look like a ghost. This is a step that you can skip if you'd like as not everyone has pale skin and not everyone may use bronzer...if this is the case for you then use whatever you would like....blush? more powder? Contour? you choose. In this look i have used contour as i have no cheek bones and i want them.. so why not just create them? lol. Contour is probably an essential step for most people, but sometimes a little too much contour blending can take off your makeup base. This is more common with liquid or stick contours as its not the same consistency as the powder, so i would recommend using a powder contour to prevent it from removing the foundation underneath.


And...finally, the trick that solves everything. HIGHLIGHTER. Highlighter. highlighter. just lots of highlighter.  This really makes a massive difference and really creates that dewy finish. The only thing i would say is that sometimes highlighter can extenuate any spots/acne/any other skin imperfections as it glows, which makes it stand out amongst the rest of the look. If this is the case for you then just apply the highlight in places that you don't have any insecurities, for me, I am lucky enough to not suffer from acne on my cheek bones or my forehead so applying highlight there for me is fine.  

If you are totally scared of using highlight, then an amazing alternative is to use a setting spray that has a dewy finish. These sprays are amazing as it doesn't just set the base makeup but it will also create that dewy finish that you have been looking for. 

The Products I Used: 

There are all my personal tips that i have found work for me on an everyday basis of having problem skin (sadly). These steps as shown in the photos i have relied on for literally everything. From the occasions of school all the way to parties. Yes, you gotta believe me. I really hope that some of you take on my tips and advice and i hope that if you do give them a go then please drop a comment to let me know how you got on! And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!! I Love all of you! <3

Amy Jane on the Web, Going off the Web. XOXO


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