How to be the best BEAUTY Blogger that you can be: ADVICE/TIPS/TRICKS COLLAB

How to be the best BEAUTY Blogger that you can be: ADVICE/TIPS/TRICKS COLLAB

Helloo my lovelies! I hope you're all having a lovely Weekend! I'm currently sat at my kitchen table (again) writing this post as its one of my happy places....not that you needed to know that (lel). Anyway so, as you can see by the Title of this post...I AM DOING A COLLAB with 3 other AMAZING Bloggers that i feel deserve to be acknowledged more and deserve all the support in the world! This Collab is not a tag and not an award. So, let me break it down for you...

The 5 bloggers that i have selected to collab with are: Soph Isobel, EarthToConnie, Just Sophie and myself (obvsiously, lel). This collab i have dicided to create is too help any kind of blogger out there; whether they have one simple niche or lots of different niches. For example, if you found yourself struggling to be the best possible: 

Student Lifestyle blogger then you can head over to Soph Isobel's blog post involved in this collab:

a Lifestyle Blogger, you can head over to Just Sophie's blog post to check out all her own advice on becoming one of the best:  or...

For being the bestest Travel Blogger possible, you can check out EarthToConnie's post and read her take on how she does it and her own perspective! :

And, finally the blog post that you are currently reading....Mine is about giving you guys MY best advice on how to be the best BEAUTY blogger that YOU can be...Please bare in mind that all of these bloggers above have written it completely how they want to so NONE of these blog posts have the same style, also these bloggers are definitely some of my favourite people in the blogging community so its such a pleasure to be working with them! (thanks guys if you are reading this <3). 

So...lets get Started!

In my opinion, being a beauty blogger is about being dedicated to most things beauty related, whether thats Makeup, Skin care, Hair care, Nail care, the list could go on. The dedication that you have for beauty will help you to feel motivated and determined to write (as a blogger) all about your experiences with beauty. Personally, i do not think that somebody shouldn't be classed as a beauty blogger just because they ONLY like makeup. makeup is still beauty and its probably one of the biggest aspects in please don't go judging anyone for not having any blog posts on hair care, coz some people who are into beauty may not find hair care as appealing as makeup for example! So i would definitely say as a beauty blogger myself: Stick to what you love and what genuinely captivates you within beauty. Because remember  QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. 

I would also recommend that if you want to be the best beauty blogger possible, i would suggest taking photos of all makeup looks that you are proud of. Doing this, will help you be able to do it again and if it gets lots of compliments from other people....then you could write a blog post on it! For example, I've always wanted to try writing a 'How to: Sunset eyeshadow look'  but i just haven't got round to it yet! (but if thats something you guys would want to see then please drop a comment to let me know!).  The makeup looks that i have been proud of, i will often take selfies to remind myself of my love for makeup...this won't only make you feel determined to do more makeup looks like the one you were proud of, but it will also make you want to share the look with other people: Whether thats through a cheeky Instagram post or a written blog post, your choice :)

For success in the makeup blogging industry..i would definitely recommend sticking to looks that you love and ones that represent you as a person, rather than doing a look that most people would do. Following the trend can sometimes bring you happiness, but for me there is nothing like doing YOUR OWN STYLE of makeup and feeling proud of what you have achieved. Your probably wondering how this is going to make you a better beauty blogger...well thats because being yourself is essential, and i could not stress it more.

I have already ranted in one of my recent blog posts based upon 'building your twitter following' about being yourself, so I'm not going to carry that on, lel. So just stick to makeup looks that make you feel like...YOU and I'm sure you'll go places! And i would know...i used to film makeup videos on my phone around 6 years ago and i used to recreate looks that weren't like me AT ALL...As much as i enjoyed doing it, i never felt like it was me and once i had finished the look, i would look in the mirror and think..."gawd this look does not suit me". Which is exactly why having your own makeup style is essential when your blogging about a makeup look. 

In terms of brand deals and all that Jazz, the main thing that most beauty bloggers probably know is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure that you genuinely like a product before you promote anything for a company. Most beauty bloggers would agree and follow this piece of advice.

In my opinion this is what a TRUE beauty blogger would do. I think brand deals is a good way of discovering whether your blogging just to get free products or money and to prove to yourself whether you actually enjoy blogging about beauty...Now, i know that this is what most beauty bloggers want but those true beauty bloggers will stick to the rule of "genuinely like a product before promoting it" Rule. So if you ever find yourself writing about a product that you really don't like and your just thinking "I want free products". 

The finally piece of advice i would give you if you want to become the best beauty Blogger possible is: You do not need to have "perfect" life just because thats what everyone else thinks. Most people (who are not bloggers) will probably stereotype beauty bloggers to having the "perfect skin" and the "perfect life" no troubles whatsoever because they can cover them all up with a little bit of full coverage foundation and setting powder ( i like that joke if i may say so myself).

But in actual bloggers are hard, dedicated young people who love what they are doing, Regardless of their acne pron skin, small eyes, big lips, no jawline. Whatever they may have, they are strong and should always be seen as "perfect" with OR without there makeup, skin care, etc, and CERTAINLY..should never be stereotyped to being the way non-bloggers see us.  If you ever feel like you are being criticised of not being "perfect" just because you are a beauty blogger, then tell that person what we really are, tell them what we are and what we aren't, even if they don't listen, stick up for your passion and let the whole world know what an amazing community you are involved in. 

Yay! So that is all the advice i have for you if you are wanting to become the best BEAUTY blogger possible. I'm not sure if my advice has been any good, but for more advice on how to be the best kind of (Student lifestyle, Lifestyle, Travel or Art/Photography blogger) Then PLEASE head over to These amazing peoples blogs posts on there own niches and the advice that they have put towards this collab! 

Twitter Profiles and Blog Links <3 

Soph Isobel - blog:

Just Soph - blog:

EarthToConnie - blog:

Finally...i have really enjoyed creating and developing this collab and it has certainly made me feel more determined and creative and that i want to try my hardest to blog the best i can. Doing this collab has inspired my to do more, so i a little spoiler for you all...i have another (smaller) collab coming soon! So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled! (ooooooo). Anyway, Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to check out all the other collaborators posts upon there own advice on their niches. 

Amy Jane on the Web, Going off the Web. XOXO




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