HONEST WAYS of Growing your Twitter Following and keeping Followers Engaged when your a New blogger

HONEST WAYS of Growing your Twitter Following and keeping Followers Engaged when your a New blogger

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you have all had a lovely Thursday! Whether you were just chillin' in your garden, enjoying this baking-ly hot weather that were having in the UK currently. or if you were being productive and doing things that you actually had to do (if this was you, then i envy you. Well Done.) 

Today I'm going to be telling you the best and MOST HONEST ways of growing your Twitter profile, whether you are a brand new user or if you have been using twitter for years. No matter what stage you are at. although i will say that these tips are more relevant to bloggers and potentially Youtubers seeing as i am a blogger myself (stating the obvious there Amy, congratz). Now thats cleared up, i will continue to write with this face mask on (Its a Garnier one, if any of you were wondering, lel) and attempt to explain to you how to grow your Twitter following in the simplest way possible. (P.S. Sorry for the Shameless Self Promo, but if anyone wants to follow my Twitter my URL is: https://twitter.com/ItzAmyyyy << Click). 

Engagement with Tweets

Now, this may be obvious to some, but the more you engage with tweets then the more recognition you are going to get. Although, if you are going to commit to replying to a tweet PLEASE make sure that you are genuinely interested in them and that you are not just replying for the sake of getting recognised, because, most of the time, the Tweeter will most likely figure out that you don't mean what you have replied. In my experience, i have recognised that the same people will reply to lots of tweets that they SEEM interested in but with the EXACT same message. Now that in itself says a lot about someone; they are only doing it for recognition and for 'fake supporting'. Basically, tweet out of love and REAL support rather than recognition and thanks. 

Being Yourself. 

I know everyone says this. But it really does work. Being yourself shows people who you really are and what you are really like as a person. Your uniqueness and differentiation to others will make you stand out and will attract people to your profile! Most people who start up a new Twitter profile will probably think "Oh i must tweet that because everyone else is, that way I'll get lots of recognition" - in other words, they follow the crowd and hide behind who they really are. When this is not what you should be doing! It's the complete opposite!

Being yourself, is so key and i would know because when i first started dedicating my twitter to all things blog related, i thought the exact same thing. Although, it did take me a while to warm up to Twitter and to fully understand how to use it. But now that I do, and that I've been taking my own advice, I've noticed a huge development in my following! (i have the entire blogging community to thank for that - you are all amazing <3).  So to sum this piece of advice up. Be you, and stay you. I guarantee this will help you. 

Retweet Things that you genuinely agree/understand 

Retweeting can be one of those things that we do just do because we have liked a tweet. But if you think about it, all your followers are going to see what you are retweeting, so there is no point retweeting a tweet that isn't relevant to you or your followers, and if you are doing this consistently and religiously to every tweet you see, then its more than likely that your followers are going to unfollow you because of how irrelevant your profile is to them. For example, if you are a Beauty Blogger and your retweeting things about president trump being in the UK because that topic has a lot of recognition. then you are doing wrong. AGAIN, don't do things for recognition, because your recognition will come with time and a little bit of commitment.

In my experience, i have noticed that most of my followers are other bloggers and we all have a similar niches and interest points. So this makes retweeting quite easy, as i know that my followers will understand my reasons for retweeting whatever i have. This will also attract more people who have similar interests as they will notice that you are retweeting things that they like and understand which may gain you a cheeky follow ;). 

Taking part in Follow Threads/Trains

For a blogger, follow trains/threads are going to be your best friend. But, always make sure to follow the rules of them and respect the person that has created it! If you do take part in these, then don't be disheartened if you don't get lots of likes and retweets on your tweet, because one of the main reasons you do these is to make your blog, Instagram or Pinterest more out there and for making people aware of who you are. This piece of advice is probably obvious to you bloggers reading this, so I'm sorry if you have heard all this before! I have sometimes noticed that when people take part in a follow thread, they ONLY drop their URL link to their blog/Pinterest/Instagram. To me, this comes across as though they're being quite blunt and that they're just link dropping for the sake of it and occasionally, i get the vibe of people not caring and being a little disrespectful towards the rules. I say, tweet like you mean it. ALWAYS Put a small comment before dropping the link, let people know that you appreciate everyone's support, have a little joke before-hand, I don't know, just don't link drop, its boring. 

NEVER, EVER, play the 'Follow, Unfollow' game.

I think this piece of advice is pretty self explanatory. So i'm not going to bother explaining because all of you probably know what I'm on about. But, just a heads up, if you are going to follow somebody just so you can get a follow back, then you are playing with fire. Trust me when i tell you that most people who use Twitter Analytics sites and things like that will be able to see exactly who you are, and that you have....SUDDENLY....unfollowed for some strange, strange reason....(not so strange when you know what game people are playing :)).  I'm not gunna go on for much longer, but, if you are going to follow somebody do it because you want to and you are interested in their content, do it because you want to show your support towards them. Just make it worth the follow. Please don't do it because you'll think you'll get a follow back, because that isn't really the main principle of twitter now, is it? 

Wooo! So that has been my 5 TOP TIPS to gaining yourself and decent Twitter Account and making yourself become more recognised through WORTHY AND RELIABLE ways. Just be patient, and build your profile slowly but surely. Stay committed and only show interest in content that you genuinely like and understand otherwise you're just giving the content producer false hope, which isn't nice for anyone. And as i said before, you're time to shine will come so if you stick to these 5 tips of mine, then you're bound to gain some new (and real) followers :) Thanks so much for reading! I love you all TONS! <3

Amy Jane on the Web, Going off the Web. XOXO

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