The Dreaded 'Up all night' experience and ways that you can pass the time till' you fall asleep

The Dreaded 'Up all night' experience and ways that you can pass the time till' you fall asleep

Hello everybody! I hope you've had a good day - if not, then 'head up beautiful because you are better than those who have their heads down' - (yes i just made that up on the spot, look at me go!). Anyway, I am here today to talk about one thing that most people dread happening to them in the middle of the night, which is not sleeping until, like 5am...

So, I'm pretty such that most of you have experienced this at some point in your life (if you haven't then well done and congrats for being a good sleeper). So i am here to solve your problems of overcoming that 'up all night' trauma that most people dread to think of. Now, I'm going to be honest here and say that some of the advice I let you guys in on throughout this post may not work for you, so just see them as  4 simple suggestions to helping you get to sleep easier and more comfortably if you do ever find yourself sitting up till 5am. 

#1 Grab Yourself a book

Now, i realise that reading books is probs not everyone's forte (because it certainly isn't one of mine, but I love reading that even logic?) and that trying to get into a book that you have never read in your life may make this task slightly more difficult. So my first piece of advice i give to you to attempt to slowly drift to sleep, is to read a book that you have already read before. This is because your brain will not require as much concentration to understand the story line as you would already know what it was about! This has worked for me in the past and eventually i ended up asleep. Reading these books will also put your mind at rest because you won't have been looking at your phone screen for hours which could make you feel wide awake or the complete opposite...which leads me nicely onto the use of technology to help you sleep on those dreaded nights.

#2 Watching Netflix FILMS (do this at your own risk) 


So, I'm not sure if this is just me or does watching Netflix whilst trying to sleep either: make you so tired that you end up with your laptop/phone on your face when you wake up OR you literally cannot sleep at all because your eyes are just far to awake to even try to shut. This is something i experience relatively often so I would love to know if any of you guys have too? This is literally, the advice ^, do it at your own risk as i have done this before, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. However, i would recommend doing this when you can feel yourself getting tired if you are still waiting to fall asleep after 3 hours of trying. Just remember to do it when you start to feel tired, any earlier and this may make you stay awake for longer. (as i said watch Netflix at your own risk, lel). 

#3 Writing a 'To-Do' list (anything you want)


I know that this next piece of advice may seem silly towards getting you to fall asleep, but honestly, It works. Writing a list of all the things that you want do in the future is a good way of relieving your stress and make you feel super organised! I would recommend not to stick to specific 'To-do' things as this would be putting pressure on that tired brain of yours, so defo make sure that you write down literally ANYTHING you want to do. 'From Serious...To Stupid'. Even if they're not very realistic write it down anyway! Coz we all gotta reach for those stars, right? I would also recommend writing a 'To-do' list in a spider - diagram / brainstorm type layout as the randomness of the writing flying off the tiny cloud in the middle will make your brain work and therefore making it tired (i sound so sciencey and clever right now, i don't actually know whether all this is scientifically proven, but it certainly is in my world.)

#3 Listen to Music

When i say, listen to music, i mean music that is going to calm your mind and make you feel relaxed. Although there is nothing wrong with listening to music thats in the top charts at 3am, just try not to wake up the neighbours. but, never mind that as i would suggest creating a 'slow and sad' playlist on whatever platform that suits you, its pretty self explanatory really, just find the songs that make you sad and really think about who you are, i would suggest listening to James Blunt, 'Goodbye my Lover' or if that's to deep for you then i would definitely recommend James TW, 'When you love someone'. These are just two of my fav Slow and Sads songs. So there is plenty more where that came from...I would also recommend, that if you are going to listen to music, turn the WIFI off on your phone so you can't get distracted by all those notifications ( unlike me, who is probs the most unpopular human on earth. lel) and to stop you feeling the temptation of grabbing your phone to look at something. 

#4 Just laying there with your covers off


Now for this piece of advise, i believe that its proven that the more your body is exposed to 'fresher' air then the easier it is too sleep. So, yes, sleeping with the covers off is a risk if you are scared of a scary demon grabbing your feet from the end of the bed, but apart from that there is nothing to worry about. Obviously I'm joking, but it is quite a freaky thought. Sometimes, just laying in your bed, on your back can quite easily send you to sleep as there are no distractions from getting too hot under your cover and its gunna be dark in your room (I'd hope) so theres not going to be much that you can see to make you remind yourself of things that you may have to do the next morning. This has worked for me in the past. However, the only thing i would say is that if you are an overthinker, and end up thinking about the most unrealistic and silly things ever, then maybe you should consider doing this with that slow and sad music. 

Woo, so, so they were my own personal suggestions on how to pass the time until you fall asleep. So I'd got you covered, whenever you come across this dreaded experience just remember that I AM HERE FOR YOU, and GOOD LUCK SLEEPING! <3 Although, i would love to know if any of my advice has helped you too sleep in general! So just let me know and in the comments! OR i would love to hear what your favourite methods are too 'sleeping easy' so tell me about that too! <3

Amy Jane on the Web, Going off the Web. XOXO

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