Secondary School Survival Guide and Staying Stress Free (Sounds impossible but trust me)

Secondary School Survival Guide and Staying Stress Free (Sounds impossible but trust me)

The Survival Guide:                                                                                                                       

At some point in your life, or maybe your going through it now, your gunna have to get through 5 long years of secondary school. The first 3 years consisting of learning things you won't ever need to know (ever) again in your life. And the remaining 2 years preparing for your GCSE exams (which actually have a purpose, thank gawd). I suppose you could say that the majority of secondary school life is pretty pointless, (I'm literally thinking back to all the things i could have done during those years - sad times). So, I'm writing this to give anyone reading this, some advice on how to go about surviving secondary school (no matter what any school expects from you).

So, the first piece of advice I'd suggest you defo take on board (even if you're already half way through your school life) is to: Talk to as many people as possible. Even if you're a shy person and find it difficult to start conversations with people, just remember that when you're first starting school everybody is in the same position and no one is their to judge you upon who you should and shouldn't talk to. The more you involve yourself with other people the more confident and open you will become and you never know, it could lead to making some awesome friendships. I wish someone had told me this before i started secondary coz then maybe i wouldn't have been as shy and nervous to talk to people (even if i did know that everyone felt the same). 

The second piece of advice is kinda following on from the first one. And that is to make sure you are surrounding yourself with the right people. The people that you hang around with are almost definitely going to effect your overall attitude towards learning and your enthusiasm.  When i say the "the right people" i mean people that make you happy and feel completely comfortable around, people that make you feel good about yourself and support you through rough times (however rough that may be). If your currently sat here reading this contemplating your friendships and feel as though your friends aren't doing the things that I've mentioned. Then they're probs not right for you. However, this is a big decision, so take it slowly, and ask yourself if you really think they're the right kind of people that suit you. 

Getting more into the later years of secondary is when the stress starts to pile on. Seeing as you have got to make decisions on what GCSE subjects you want to study for the next 2 years. This can be a stressful process because if you make the wrong choices then you kinda screwed (ik this coz i took Business Studies as one of my choices thinking it would be a use subject to have, and it was one of the worst decisions I've ever made - woops). So the third piece of advice I'd give you is to make sure you are choosing subjects that you enjoy and are passionate about to be able to achieve the best grades possible at the end of the 5 year struggle. This won't just ensure good grades but will also determine the amount of stress upon you. If all the subjects you choose are enjoyable to you then this should lower the amount of stress as you will be determined and more motivated to do well in your all your subjects. 

Staying Stress Free:

You may hate school and you may feel as though you just wanna run away and be free (we all wish). But their a good ways of copping with stress from school. So, the one piece of advice i would give you to dealing with stress within sucky secondary school is: by STAYING ORGANISED, i know this is probs an obvious one, but most people don't end up being organised because they either can't be bothered or they have already given up with school (if this is the case - then please, keep going coz it will be all worth it in the end, trust me ik).  Keeping organised can be from keeping all your notes in different sections for each subject, to making sure that you are staying on top of HW or Course-Work (ik this sounds like an impossible task; because it always has been for me, but it will make you're life so much easier and will stop you from stressing out coz you have left work to the last minute - not that i did this...)

So, this has been my guide to the survival of secondary school, and how to avoid stress in school. Let me know if this has helped some of you, because if i could go back to my year 7 years then i would have definitely listened to other peoples advice instead of sitting next to people whilst being shy and awkward, whilst looking like a loner. If you have any questions and are still worried about the stresses and survival of school then feel free to drop a comment or email me. 

Amy on the web, going off the web. XOXO

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